Chasing Roosters Celebrating 100 years of sailboat racing on Barnegat Bay

BBYRA_100th Logo_DAbout us:

BBYRA (Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association) was formed in 1914 to foster sailboat racing on Barnegat Bay.  Over the course of a century BBYRA has run thousands of races for 34 different classes of racing sailboats.  Today BBYRA (a 501C3 corporation) runs races on Saturdays in the summertime for 12 fleets.  14 local yacht clubs comprise the membership of BBYRA totaling nearly 5000 memberships.  In celebration of the 100th anniversary a new winner’s flag is being produced as well as a special 100th anniversary swallowtail burgee.  Our most famous native sailor Gary Jobson is producing a film and writing a book which will be released May 31st at Ocean County College.

 Book can now be purchased online here PURCHASE TICKETS/BOOKS